The fifth conference will take place in Berlin during 20 – 22 April 2012. The thematic slogan will be: “Too big to fail”.

In the run-up to the UN Rio+20 conference in early summer of 2012, will take stock of 20 years of international environmental policy. The debates on Green Economy and democratic participation will be the two comprehensive guiding themes throughout the conference. In the four main thematic issues of Agriculture, Global Commons, Energy and Lifestyle, we will tackle the controversies, transformation models and concrete implementation possibilities pertaining to each issue.

As an environmental and developmental conference that is critical of globalization, 2012 will raise the following issues: (Why) do politics of sustainable development remain empty-handed 20 years after Rio? What about the pressing social and ecological problems that characterize our times? Will the “Green Economy” really induce a turnaround?

In addition, will also question some convictions of the ecological movement: Is sustainable agriculture able to nourish 9 billion people? Is it possible to meet all energy needs with 100% renewable energies, in a decentralized manner and without political and economic conflicts? What changes can really be induced by ecologic and fair consumption? Is it possible to protect our global commons without the use of market-based mechanisms?



Panel Overview